johnny & i went to barcelona to see luna & now i am extremely asleep. i want to write about it some more when i have woken up. 

some other things happened though, for example: week three of shabby doll genius starts tomorrow. week 2 included artwork by dorothy howard, thany sanches, mitsuko brooks, jenn kucharczyk & sebastian castillo

AND writing by mike bushnell, elizabeth ellen, kristina mahler, jordan debor & matthew bookin. feeling very excited to show you this week’s collaborations.

also, luna showed me the trailer for ‘the yolo pages’ yesterday, which is a new anthology we both have some things in. the trailer is funny and scary. you can now order the book from boost house. 

also illuminati girl gang vol.4 is now available to pre-order & i have some writing in there too, with v good-girls such as elizabeth ellen & mira gonzalez & ana carrete etc etc

in other news, i am reading in brooklyn on may 10, so you know what that means. (it means you have to reach into the back of that closet & pull out that Freakum dress)

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