1. the sky was very pink last night & the sun sets around 7.45pm, which is exactly how different things are now. i feel like i’m doing so many things at the moment.

2. i’m editing everyday genius this month with art & text collaborations between selected shabby dolls (these are the first 4 images published this week). i recommend reading all of them. they’re very interesting, in my opinion, & there will be a new one published every week day in april. 

3, there’s a brand new all-video edition of shabby doll house online now & it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done, i feel. (the picture is a still from natalie’s video which makes me feel very happy every single time i see it).

4. oscar bruno d’whatever is obsest with serial killers again (typical) & also he wrote a really funny thing ~about the pineapple emoji which made me laugh.

5. i have some new water related collages  in a series called brett lawrie at potluck magazine. it combines photos of toronto, niagara falls, the mediterranean sea, some killer whales… just all of the important things in life, basically. 

6. gabby texted me from inside the shower which seems next level. also she wrote this new poem which calls south brooklyn a different country (to north brooklyn). seems funny. [side note: still in love with these louise bourgeois etchings that i saw in liverpool a few weeks ago]

7. i have a story called 'the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time' in cage match  vol. 4 which is so new it’s still in a box. sarah is in buffalo to read at the launch of it & also she wrote this new poem which i really like.

8. these are my most recently used emojis at the time of writing, (april 5th, 2014). the chick is rising up the charts! (i changed the colors for the purpose of this blog post because the real colors are so ugly!)

9. i took a picture of myself standing on a toilet for no reason at all really. bathrooms just feel like a nice place to be in.

10. there’s a bunny collective show opening at the soma gallery in waterford, ireland on may 8th. (i need to finish making my piece for it).

i’m having a nice time in my life to be honest. feeling good about the work i am doing at the moment. some other good stuff to mention is this interview crispin did, the videos meggie, michael, bob, adam & john made for shabby doll revolution, johnny’s twitter is ooc in a great way & stacey has this new poem at plain wrap. okay, good job everybody. great little life. ^^

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